Pair Of Kings Instagram Community Management

The challenge

Jacques Messeca and Isaac Iriel launched their men’s shoe company, Pair of Kings, in Fall 2014 in order fill what they saw as a large gap in the men’s shoe market -- the ability to get designer-quality shoes at honest and affordable prices by cutting out the middlemen in the shoemaking process and shipping straight from their factory in Brazil to the consumer. However, due to the fact that the shoes would be sold exclusively on the Pair of Kings website, they would need an aggressive PR and marketing strategy in order to effectively get the word out about the brand and drive traffic to their e-commerce site. Using various social media channels and online advertising was a cost-effective way of helping the brand gain exposure quickly, and allowed them to better target their specific audience. Instagram proved to be an ideal tool to help quickly get significant buzz around the company, as well as share promotions and information with followers, collaborate with influencers for further exposure, and directly connect with fans of the Pair of Kings brand.

The Solution

Monthly Instagram content calendars were created incorporating high-quality product and lifestyle images along with specific, action-oriented captions driving people to the Pair of Kings website. By using relevant hashtags and engaging with other pages through Likes and Comments on related photos, Pair of Kings, quickly emerged as a popular favorite in the men’s fashion Instagram community, growing from zero followers to over 4,000 followers in only two months. However, with millions of men’s fashion photos posted to Instagram on a daily basis, it proved to be a challenge to compete for limited attention of the Instagram community. In order to effectively stand out, Pair of Kings reached out to Instagram Influencers in specific fashion communities to share personal photos promoting Pair of Kings Shoes, which over time helped introduce the brand to thousands of new followers.

The Results

Pair of Kings gained a significant number of followers on Instagram in short period of time. With the increase in followers, the photos posted received more engagement, which in turn helped further increase their follower base. Pair of Kings engaged directly with its followers in a timely fashion, answering all inquiries about the products or brand. The influencers who posted about Pair of Kings shoes on their own Instagram pages helped drive major spikes in engagement and followers for the Pair of Kings’ Instagram which resulted in more clicks to the website in order to generate sales.