shady dawg facebook ad program

The challenge

When Shady Dawg’s founders first set out with their creative culinary concept of putting a gourmet spin on a classic American food, they knew their delicious hot dogs would speak for themselves when given the chance. However, in order to effectively reach customers right out the gate, the founders also knew they needed an innovative online solution that would help them expand their brand’s reach in a way that traditional marketing and word of mouth would not suffice. Shady Dawg would have to launch with ,and be sustained by, a robust digital marketing and advertising campaign targeting the right audience, in the right location and in the most accessible way possible. Facebook Advertising was the perfect way to achieve these goals, while at the same time proving to be highly cost effective.

The solution

In order to effectively reach potential customers and fans online, Shady Dawg used Facebook Page Likes ads to quickly grow its Facebook Page with the right people, and incorporated Promoted Posts to effectively target and amplify key content. Page Likes ads were designed to stand out among Facebook News Feed status updates, and incorporated language encouraging clicks to visit the Shady Dawg Facebook Page. Each ad in the Page Likes campaign contained an attention-grabbing photo, a short tagline and a one-click “Like” button for quick and easy following of the brand page. In addition, targeting the right audience from the outset was critical. With the Shady Dawg food truck currently limited to various neighborhoods in Manhattan, Facebook ads were geotargeted to Facebook users living in specific New York City zip codes near Shady Dawg food truck locations. The target audience was further refined to include a mix of specific keywords, interests and behaviors from people who would be most inclined to ‘Like’ a Facebook Page about Manhattan’s latest gourmet hot dog food truck. Once the ad campaign was live, these ads then showed up in Facebook users’ News Feeds (both desktop and mobile devices) as “Suggested Page Likes” and were adjusted and optimized over the course of the campaign based on performance. Finally, Shady Dawg launched Promoted Posts on a case-by-case basis to amplify important announcements:

The results

Since using Facebook Advertising starting at the beginning of July, Shady Dawg has grown its Facebook Page from scratch to 1,341 Total Page Likes by the end of August. In addition there has been a considerable increase in Post Likes, Comments and Shares as the Page has grown. Finally, full analytics reports detailed every step of the way to see what was working and what needed to be tweaked in order to generate the best results. The founders appreciated being able to not only reach their audience at this level, but also being able to track the progress of their Page and seeing how effective their advertising dollars were being spent.